Lighten Up, Loosen Up: Watercolor Workshop

Richard Stephens

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, January 21-23


Kat in the Hat Classroom

$385, $350 mbrs.

In Stephens’ watercolor workshop, he provides technical information, his own painting demonstrations, and individual instruction, all with humor and entertaining anecdotes to help you enhance your individual painting skills in a non-competitive, enjoyable environment.

Richard Stephens is a native of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 1969 with a degree in art. After serving in the Army as an illustrator, he began his commercial art career in 1971 with a design studio in Little Rock. There, he began forming a network of other artists, vendors and suppliers that allowed him to open his own studio in 1974 and has been freelancing out of Hot Springs since that time. After discovering the medium in college he always knew watercolor was his real “calling”. Occasionally it would emerge, but he didn’t start painting consistently again until 1992.

Although recognized for his landscape, architectural and figurative work Stephens feels the real subjects of most of his paintings are his brushwork and the light he tries to capture and amplify through value contrast and an unexpected color pallet. Believing that drawing is the foundation for all good art and design, Stephens often allows his pencil work to show through and become an engaging element in his watercolors.

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