Watercolor Skies: Painting from Memory

Scott Ponemone

Monday, March 4


Kat in the Hat Classroom

$85, $70 mbrs.

Visiting watercolorist Ponemone offers students a new way of looking at skies and rendering them. Students will view a presentation of Ponemone’s work and discuss what features of the clouds and light stand out in their mind before painting their chosen sky from memory.

Over a 35-year career, Scott Ponemone has explored people in public spaces and events (from standing in line, playing at the beach, at museum openings, intermission at the opera, on the Mall in Washington, to marchers in parades), metamorphosed pieces of cultural heritage to create entirely new images (including architecture and decorative arts of historic Baltimore, the Walters Art Museum’s collection of ancient and medieval art, and architectural and arts of Brittany, Hungary, Greece, and Italy), and painted skies from memory (begun while in residency in France).

sponsored by Assortment, Inc.