Watercolor: Lighten Up, Loosen Up with Richard Stephens

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When you take a Richard Stephens workshop you will be exposed to three main things.

Informative technical information sprinkled with humor and anecdotes, entertaining and educational painting demonstrations and lots of one on one time with Richard as he helps you through your individual painting process. Richard has a true passion for watercolor and enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with students of all levels.

A day starts with a short presentation on the “topic of the day” determined by the level and interest of the class. It is not so much a lecture as it is a conversation. Richard encourages feedback and questions as he feels we learn from each other and everyone has something important to share.

Richard will do at least one complete painting demonstration a day. He constantly explains what he is doing, and more importantly, why. Most demonstrations last about an hour and the students learn techniques, creative use of the “tools” of watercolor such as brush choice and manipulation, color mixing and water/pigment relationship. There is always strong emphasis on the elements and principals of design.

After the demonstration the students will start on their own paintings or the class will work together on exercises designed to reinforce the theme, “Lighten Up, Loosen Up”. Richard offers individual advice as per subject selection, designing the image on the page and technique based on the unique style and goal of each student.

In summary, a Richard Stephens workshop is informative, challenging and fun. It is not about competition or turning out a great painting during the workshop. It is about being exposed to a process of watercolor painting that has been successful for him and perhaps some of that process finding a voice with the students and their work.

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