Watercolor FUNdamentals with Karen Beauprie

$120, mbrs 100; limit 25;+ $50 – Required supply fee.


Supply fee includes all materials: paints, paper, brushes and palette needed to take this class. Karen will provide a list of her favorite additions for students who care to expand beyond these basics. Please bring a bag or backpack to put your supplies in to carry home.

Whether you are new to painting or watercolor, or just looking to hone your craft, this class will kickstart your watercolor practice in a controlled indoor environment. Under Beauprie’s careful guidance you will build a strong foundation in the basics. Get comfortable with the right brushstrokes, washes, and textures to render your subject with spontaneity and freedom. The required supply kit allows students easy access to quality materials. A popular annual class — sign up soon!

Sponsored by Square One


The Studios of Key West