Key West is known for strange, but the story of “Count” Carl von Cosel just might be the strangest of them all. Von Cosel, a radiologist, achieved international fame in 1940 when the corpse of his true love (and former tuberculosis patient) Elena Milagro Hoyos was discovered in his secluded house on Flager Ave., where he’d kept her preserved for seven long and amorous years.

Writer/musician/playwright Ben Harrison penned the definitive account of this true macabre love story in his nonfiction book, Undying Love, which earned him a spot in front of national audiences on the Howard Stern Show and This American Life. Originally performed at the Appelrouth Grill in 1999, Undying Love: The Musical distills the atmosphere of Key West in the 1930’s, and perfectly melds the pathos of von Cosel’s tale with Harrison’s signature dry humor.

Now, after almost twenty years, he brings the revised stage version back to life at The Studios of Key West. Veteran Director Richard Grusin and Musical Director Larry Baeder will lead a crack ensemble of actors and musicians. The musical features original tunes like “She Was Pickled and He Poked Her” alongside the haunting “La Boda Negra” (Black Wedding), which von Cosel claimed Elena sang to him from the crypt.

Book and Music by Ben Harrison

Directed by Richard Grusin

Larry Baeder as Musical Director

Valentine’s Day 2018 thru March 3, 2018 at The Studios of Key West

This project is made possible in part by a grant from the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys.



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