Underpainting with Mike Rooney

$70/55 mbrs. (discounted price will display for members upon login)

All great paintings start with a base. Rooney shares his secrets for oil-glazing an underpainting.

In this class Rooney will take you through the exciting world of underpainting, transparent and semi transparent glazing, washes, scumbling, scraping, breaking edges, fading, how to NOT make mud, and many more advanced techniques every acrylic and oil painter should know. He’ll demo and give lots of one-on-one instruction.

More about Mike Rooney. 

Dedicated to full time plein air painting, Rooney chooses the outdoors to a comfortable studio. Bugs, bystanders and bad weather are just a few of the inconveniences he endures to capture the colors and nuances of nature and shifting light. His paintings although observed from life, are pared down to colorful recognizable blurs, documenting his sensualist encounter with his surroundings.  He has painted all his life.

Pre-registered students will receive an extra discount on art supplies at Books & Books @ The Studios.

Suggested Materials list

We will be painting oil on top of acrylics so bring these colors in oil ALSO  if you’re going to be painting oil on top of the acrylic like Rooney does.

Yellow, Alizarin crimson, cadmium red light, Ultramarine and ceruleun blue, orange, green, purple, and white acrylic

all your painting gear like brushes, thinner, palette etc. Rooney uses acrylic brushes for both the acrylic AND oil stages.


Acrylic glazing medium

If you have any questions let me know and I’ll try to answer them. email me at rooneystudios@hotmail.com

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