TSKW buys a bigger and better building to house their new vision


The Studios of Key West Expand Impact in the Art World.
TSKW buys a bigger and better building to house their new vision.

Key West, FL –  Today, October 31, The Studios of Key West have become the new owners of the former Scottish Rite Masonic Center at 533 Eaton Street, Key West, which will open as the new home for TSKW in the Fall of 2014.

Rosi Ware, Board Chairman of TSKW, said:  “The Studios of Key West are expanding not just to raise the bar for the arts in Key West, but to sustain that work for generations.  As we say, we want to be ‘The New Beacon of the Arts’ in Key West”

She went on to say:  “When we first set foot in the Mason’s building, we knew we’d found a home. One of Key West’s best examples of Miami Deco architecture, it’s spacious, sturdy, and filled with light. Once our renovations are complete, we will have almost doubled our space, with a 200 seat theater, the island’s largest gallery for contemporary art, nine studios for practicing artists, and two dedicated classrooms, including a cutting edge digital media lab.”

Jed Dodds, Executive Director of TSKW, stated:  “Of course, there is a financial imperative to the move as well. By purchasing 533 Eaton Street, we cut our building costs by almost 20%, and build equity in a building we own. Not that we’re entirely leaving the old neighborhood. The Ashe Street cottages, Mango Tree House, and Sculpture and Nature Garden will continue to anchor our Artists In Residence Program, provide a setting for outdoor events, and serve as an oasis of native plants and stunning artwork.”

Rosi Ware added:  “Our plans are ambitious, but the process has been a thoughtful one. Several good friends have already pitched in significantly; our goal is to raise $2 million here in Key West, and we’re already a third of the way there. It’s a good start, but needless to say, we’ll be asking for your help!”

Background: (tskw.org) TSKW was founded just six years ago as a multidisciplinary arts organization with the vision of bringing world class artists to Key West, connecting them with local residents and artists, and offering space for both to explore their own creativity.

The Studios of Key West provides a collaborative and supportive environment for creative experience. They offer studio space, lectures, workshops, residencies, partnership projects and nurture the creation of work. The mission is to Lead, Inspire, Empower and Create while building audiences and support the advancement of established and emerging creative people.

The Studios of Key West is a professional non-profit cultural organization that is a presenter, arts center, and artist residency provider. They have hosted Pulitzer prize winners, and world renowned artists and musicians.


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