Sunday, March 26-Sunday, April 2

Find everything on tap this week: workshops, exhibitions and events under one roof.

Glow Hours on Hugh’s View

Our Hugh’s View roof terrace offers the best views in town, and an ideal spot to catch the sunset and a drink with friends. The bar is open, admission is free, and everyone looks great in the golden twilight. Capacity is limited, so come early!

The Dinner Party

Chantal Pavageaux’s The Dinner Party offers a deliciously tart take on the intersections of women’s experiences, art, fame, trust, truth and…dinner theater. The meta, campy play-within-a-play pulls inspirations from wildly flung sources and has a good time doing it.

Make Your Stories Stageworthy with Toby Armour

National award-winning playwright Armour helps students turn great tales into great storytelling.

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