The Third “I”: Point of view, Time, Persona and Voice in Memoir with Janice Gary

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Work through your memories while unlocking the story of you.

January 9. 1-4:30

The Third “I:” Point of View, Time, Persona and Voice in Memoir

Memoir is not the story of your life; it is a story from your life, full of unique characters (including you) and singular experiences. How do we find the stories worth telling – and even trickier, how do we recreate the person we were (and are) on the page? This craft-focused workshop will delve into the many techniques memoirists can use to bring their stories to life, including point of view, voice, dialogue and the art of transitioning between then and now. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how to use literary techniques to turn experience into compelling stories that people will want to read.


January 23: 1-4:30

Oh No You Don’t! Writing about Others in Memoir

There’s no avoiding it – we can’t tell our story without writing about others. People and relationships are an important part of any memoir and provide rich material. But sometimes the process of writing about others can feel like walking through a minefield – one loaded with personal betrayal, invasion of privacy, and taboos against revealing family secrets. How does a writer make wise decisions about what to include and not include when writing about others? What to say and not say? In this workshop, we’ll unpack these questions and learn how to write about the good, the bad and the ugly in a way that portrays them truthfully and accurately in service of the story the writer needs to tell.

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