The Red Door is Open: Collaborative Artmaking with Robert Hitz

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Students will meet in the second floor Helmerich Theater, 533 Eaton Street

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Group photo of college age students with various drums and percussion instruments.


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Class Description

The Red Door is Open project involves visual artists, musicians and writer/storytellers. Once a group is assembled, the process encourages:

  • Musicians to respond to visual or written work, creating new music through improvisation.
  • Visual artists to respond to music or written work with quick form art projects.
  • Writers to respond to music or visual art with a written piece.

Collectively, the group, depending on disciplines and interests, decides on the format for their next exploration. Robert Hitz facilitates and sets the groundwork for the group. At the close of the collaborative adventure, the class sets the stage for a culminating showcase event.

Meet Your Instructor

Robert Hitz is a composer, pianist, and master teacher. He is the quintessential modern artist – his music spans genres and influences, and is open to all great musical ideas. Although classically trained at the Peabody Institute and Syracuse University, Robert now primarily plays and composes through improvisation.

“Passion permeates his music – powerful” (L. Billingsly, RSI). Whether in live concert or his recordings, Robert is an engaging and lyrical performer. He has recorded 4 solo CDs and 3 collaborative CDs, and will soon record a collection of new compositions. Robert has received Meet the Composer and ASCAP grants. He is a member of ASCAP, NARAS, and serves on the executive committee of the Society of Peabody Alumni (SPA).

Robert has performed concerts in the United States and Europe since 1984. In addition to solo concerts he also performs with the Numinus Trio composed of tenor Lee Moore and pianist Felicia Clarke. He will soon tour an inter-arts collaboration with moderator John C. Wilson. Based upon their highly successful Baltimore series, The Red Door is Open, this concept matches visual artists, the audience, and a moderator in a dialogue about the artworks, after which Robert improvises a response on piano.

Supply List

  • Musicians – an instrument of choice
  • Writers – writing format of choice.
  • Artists – simple hand held form if working from life, portable pre-existing works if bringing to the workshop.

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