The MOMO Murals Continue to Invade Private Spaces

Key West Soon to be Home to Ten New Dynamic Works

In early December, New York-based street artist MOMO arrived on the island and began a six week residency at The Studios of Key West. His mission, plain and simple, was to find ten diverse living spaces and private homes and complete a new mural in each one. The artist calls this project “Public Art in Private Spaces” and he recently reached the half-way point.
After his fourth mural, in a modern living space on the Riviera Canal, MOMO remarked on his first few weeks: “I was a little slow feeling my way into it, but am figuring things out, and the pace is picking up! I’ve worked as a featured artist with galleries, festivals, and magazines, but this is my first large, community-wide project for private homes.”

TSKW worked with the artist to identify a diverse assortment of sites and locals interested in giving up a wall in exchange for one of MOMO’s colorful, geometric designs. The list included a wide demographic, from teenagers and retirees to drag queens and military families, to those living aboard houseboats.

“Each mural is an experiment, and I approach the site and the people in it without preconceived notions. I talk with them, get a feel for the place, and then begin generating design ideas,” said the artist.

Upon completion, each mural is photographed with its new owner, going about their usual business in their private space. In March, the collection of images and project documentation will be compiled into a small book for each of the participants, who will have the option of retaining their mural or reverting back to the previous state.

After leaving Key West, MOMO is bound for a major project in Spain, followed by several engagements in Europe. The artist is known for tagging his name the width of Manhattan, creating over sized collage, faking a New Yorker magazine cover, and building a totem pole in the East River. He also had a hand in a computer script which makes his art for him, a tide-powered sculpture with Eltono, and prints, paintings, and videos that rely on chance for fun and substance. The artist aslo recently collaborated with Yoji Yamamoto to design a shoe for Adidas. In 2009 Rojo Published the monograph of MOMOs work, entitled “3am-6am.”

“This residency was a perfect break for MOMO, and a platform for him to expand his creative scope and further connect with people and their lives,” said Eric Holowacz, executive director of The Studios of Key West. “Our organization does lots of creative things in the public realm, and this project is a chance to add new creative elements to a diverse mix of private and interior spaces.”

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