The Eternal Drive

Special Offer for Konk Life Readers – $40 per ticket
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A Classical Piano / Live Art Synthesis
Special Evening at Tropic Cinema

Ticket includes 6pm reception
Performance begins at 6:30pm

Award-winning artist / filmmaker and artist in residence Eric Dyer joins internationally renowned classical pianist Jiayin Shen for a unique synthesis of live art performance and remarkable music. Dyer has exhibited at The Hirshorn, Smithsonian, and Venice Biennale and shown films at South by Southwest and Sundance. Shen was a 2012 residency artist and serves as a member of the Peabody Conservatory faculty. She is regarded as one of the world’s premier concert pianists, and began her devotion to music at a young age, becoming the youngest student ever admitted to Beijing’s Central Conservatory of Music.

Eric Dyer has dug up the zoetrope, a pre-cinema optical toy, and continuously reinvents it to create and explore a visual language of loops and spirals. When spun, the complex circular images and sculptures are a blur to the human eye but come to full animated life when viewed through the lens of a fast-shutter video camera. Dyer’s projects are exhibited as both films and installations.

Seeking spontaneity, an outlet for various experiments, and a playful break from long-term large scale installation projects, Dyer began performing zoetropes live in early 2013. His collaboration with Jiayin Shen is his first with a classically trained musician.

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