The Art of Caricature: Reasons and Means of Exaggeration with Lothar Speer

$140, $125 mbrs. (discounted price will display for members upon login)

Students will meet in the third floor Heinen Design Lab, 533 Eaton Street

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Photo of an artist drawing caricatures of two young women on a surface being transcribed onto a computer screen.


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Class Description

Over the course of three evenings, Lothar Speer teaches artists how to capture the likeness of friends and strangers with a tongue in cheek nod to personality traits. Learn to incorporate the subtle art of satire into your drawing practice.

Meet Your Instructor

Speer is a classically trained painter and highly successful Chicago-based caricature artist. He is an alumnus of Vienna’s National Academy of the Fine Arts and recipient of the Academy’s prestigious Johannes Fuger Medal.

Supply List

  • Vine charcoal, assorted sizes, one jumbo would be good
  • Large Newsprint pad
  • Erasers, regular and kneaded
  • Charcoal Sandpaper Pad
  • Dowel rod (Mahlstick/ optional)
  • Rag(s) & Chamois
  • Toned charcoal paper
  • Black Mirror or Cell Phone (Optional to gauge values/ mirror much better than cell phone because of surface size.)

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