Sally Binard

Summer in the Sanger

Tuesdays – Fridays
August and September

Sanger Gallery

With summer a little slower here, The Studios is opening the Sanger Gallery to a select artist for SUMMER IN THE SANGER. The Summer Sanger artist has access to a space where they can spread out, step back to look at their work and have several projects laid out at once.

Sally Binard

Sally Binard is a mixed-media artist of Haitian and Belgian heritage. Early, continuous exposure to the two different styles of art from each country provided an eclectic and exciting idea of what art was and could be. This dichotomy has been a notable influence on her work.

I have managed to make small spaces and limitations work and even find creative solutions based on working with what is or isn’t available. It’s an interesting coincidence that my first solo show in the XOJ Gallery was the space that ended up defining my first installation piece. It was the four broken-up walls that made me rethink my “Family Dynamics” series. Shortly thereafter, I was able to expand that series into my largest installation piece to date at the 2021 SFCC exhibition at Florida Atlantic University.

So it is exciting to be able to work in the same building that helped me take those exploratory steps. This summer will be about experimentation, playing, and allowing the ideas in my head to take up more room in reality. The Sanger Gallery as a workspace will no doubt affect how the work is made and evolves.

I look forward to seeing how the space and I create, together. I have no doubt that this time will be pivotal in my artistic story. On a tiny island where artist workspaces are a challenge, this is a huge opportunity.