Social Justice Storytelling with Alexandria Marzano Lesnevic

To change the world, first you’ve got to make people care. And so some of the most effective works behind social change have come not from the pens of policy makers, but from writers harnessing what they care about.

In this class, we’ll explore how writers have used the power of storytelling to give life to social justice issues in both fiction and nonfiction. What goes into such a narrative? What gets left out? And what strategies do writers use in researching and shaping their work?

We’ll look at examples from books, essays, and stories that capture issues both close to home and further afield, and do writing exercises to help you identify issues you’re passionate about and get you started on the path of turning them into story.

Students will leave the class ready to begin work on a project they’re passion about. They will also be given a list of suggested further reading in multiple literary genres and on multiple social justice issues.

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$40/35 mbrs

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533 Eaton Street

The Studios of Key West