Short & Sweet Art Talk with Enid Blechman

Short & Sweet – A compelling new series exploring the creative process. Artists within and beyond Key West share their work, their stories, and their vision.
Free and open to the public.

Enid Blechman / AIR – Pataphysical Artist

Pataphysics (The Science of Imaginary Solutions)

Are you always losing and gaining weight?

Did you ever wonder what to do with the excess fat? Can fat donations be in the near future?

Are there fat sources in the ocean? The Everglades?

Ever think that you could repurpose the fat into energy?

Science fiction?

The C.E.O., leading pataphysician, artist and top scientist of Adipose Industries is here, in Key West, to let you know that the future is now. In her fascinating lecture she will follow the history of fat repurposing, the astonishing rise of her global corporation and the current innovations that will turn the ocean upside down into outer space.

Blechman takes her audience through a presentation that is part lecture, part performance. A funny and entertaining combination of fact and fiction, Blechman presents work from her fictional corporation, encouraging creative thinking and problem solving.

Sponsored by Azur

The Studios of Key West