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We have good news, and bad news. The good news is that The Studios is preparing for a thorough renovation of the historic Carriage Trade Inn – home to the PEAR program – which will enhance our ability to support artists for a whole new generation. The bad news is that the renovations are expected to begin June 2022 and take a full year, so we will not be taking applications for residencies for the 2022-23 season.

If you would like to be put on a list to receive a notification when the residency application period opens up again, you can do so here.

Please stay tuned and check back in 2023!

Application and Selection Process
A Guide to Supplementary Materials


How long do residencies last?

Almost a full month — residencies begin on the 16th of the month and conclude on the 14th of the following month. (e.g. artists may arrive on April 16 and must depart on May 14).

Do you accept applications from writers, musicians, dancers, etc?

Yes. When submitting an application, artists must select one of five program areas in which to apply: Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Media Arts, Musical Arts, and Performing Arts. The application fees for each program are the same.

What are the expectations and what is provided in the residency?

Please check out the Expectations and What’s Provided page here for more details.

How many artists apply/do you accept?

In an average year, approximately 300 artists apply, and 35 artists are accepted.

What is the cost of the residency?

There is no fee for the residency once an artist has been accepted into the program. However, artists are responsible for their travel to Key West, as well as living expenses and incidentals.

What should I budget for if I'm accepted?

Please plan to arrange and pay for your own travel to and from Key West, as well as your meals and supplies. The Studios will provide a bike to get around the island once you are here.

A note about meals: Artists are on their own schedule for meals and can use their own kitchens to prepare food or can dine easily in one of the many cafes and restaurants in Key West. There are a few large chain groceries in new town (Winn Dixie/Publix) and smaller (more expensive) neighborhood and organic markets in Old Town.

Fausto’s is a good grocery store and deli just a few blocks away where you can find everything you’ll need. On Thursdays from 9am-2pm, you’ll want to check out Key West Green Market at Bayview Park where you’ll find amazing produce, food finds, health related and handcrafted vendors. Keep in mind that Key West located so far from the mainland, so food prices are often higher than other parts of the country. Please budget accordingly.

Do you provide financial support?

We’re sorry, we are currently unable to provide financial support for accepted artists.

I'm an international artist. Can I apply? Will I need a VISA?

We accept international artists! You would technically qualify for the Visa Waiver Program through the U.S., meaning you’re not receiving any sort of payment in exchange for the residency and your stay is under 90 days.

If I'm accepted, what time of year will my residency be scheduled?

Residencies are scheduled as follows:

Period A: Oct-Nov 2021, Nov-Dec 2021, Dec 2021-Jan 2022, or Jan-Feb 2022

Period B: Feb-Mar 2022, Mar-Apr 2022, Apr-May 2022, or May-Jun 2022

When you apply for a residency, we ask you to choose {Period A}, {Period B} or {Both periods} for your availability, If you are granted a residency, we will ask you to rank the time slots falling within that Residency Period according to preference, and will work with you to schedule your residency in a slot that is mutually agreeable.

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