You’ll find that the Key West community is very welcoming to new people (especially creative ones!) – and there is never a shortage of things to do. In fact, many artists have said the challenge is finding time to work in between all the social “stuff” that goes on! Your time is yours to do with as you choose, of course, and we respect that you’ll need plenty of time to dream, reflect and create. To that end, we only ask that you plan to participate in one event while you are here: our monthly Residency Potluck.

Depending on the time of year, a group of about 20-40 friends and community members gather together for an informal potluck and a chance to meet our residency artists. The Studios provides beverages and guests bring a dish to share (bring whatever you’d like – from chips and salsa to your favorite recipe). About halfway through the night, each of the residency artists takes few minutes to introduce themselves and talk about their work or what they’re working on in Key West (remember, it’s very casual, so no powerpoint presentations necessary!). Writers often like to read a very short bit of their work and artists often like to open their studios to show what they are working on – but neither is necessary, whatever you feel comfortable with.


The residencies are equipped with basic linens and kitchen utensils. There is laundry on site. Please bring your own beach towels. You will need to bring your personal items including clothes, toiletries,  and work supplies/materials. We are at the “end of the road,” but have the stores that most towns have: pharmacies, groceries, library, secondhand and boutique clothing, computer stores and a very robust Saturday morning yard sale routine.

Through a generous sponsorship by We-Cycle Bikes, a ‘conch-cruiser’ bike is provided free for your use. Bikes will be delivered after you arrive and come with a basket, lock, and lights.

The Studios of Key West