Credit: Mark Hedden

Dear Friends of The Studios,

I’m sure we’ll be sorting out the lessons of Irma for years, but the first thing on our mind today is gratitude – for this beautiful island of ours, the people who live here, and our capacity for regeneration.

At The Studios, our first concern is for the artists who are the lifeblood of our creative community. If you’re an artist, let us know what you need. If you know artists in need, please encourage them to contact us; simply navigating what’s available can be disorienting. In the meantime, here are some fantastic links from our friends at CERF+ (who have a great website), ranging from how to beat mold to finding cash assistance:

(click on title for links)

Locally, both the Florida Keys Council of the Arts and the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys are collecting donations and will be distributing grants. We’ll be coordinating with them, too.

As for us here at The Studios, our building on Eaton Street suffered some damage, but the 20 people who sheltered here – including kids, pets, and reporters from WLRN and the Miami Herald – all came through unharmed. We’re back at work in our offices and expect to be open to the public again next week.

Stay safe, and look out for your neighbors,

Jed Dodds
The Studios of Key West