Pop up presentation with featuring the August residency artists

An intimate evening with the final residency artists of the 2013/14 season – on the deck at 607 Ashe St.
Free and open to the public

Kimberly Campanello will read from her poetry collection about the sheela-na-gigs. These ancient stone carvings of female figures exposing their vulvas are found on castles, churches and town walls throughout Ireland. Kimberly will speak about her research on the carvings and show video and photographs. Benjamin Dwyer will contribute by discussing and playing extracts from his piece about the sheela-na-gigs written for the traditional Irish pipes and Kimberly’s poetry, which was premiered at the National Concert Hall of Ireland.

Composer and classical guitarist Benjamin Dwyer will open with evening, performing ‘Prelude no. 1’ by Heitor Villa-Lobos and three of his own compositions – ‘Étude no 1: Relentless’, ‘Étude no. 6: African Print’ and ‘Canción para ella’.

In “The Package Project”, chores familiar to women such as folding laundry, working pastry and wrapping packages, are universal and strike a chord with generations of women. The delicacy of the materials, in this case, tracing paper, beeswax and twine, create a tension between the fragility of the materials and the complexity of the concept they refer to.

Men as well as women are now invited as the project evolves and continues with an interactive performance.

The Studios of Key West