Plein Air Painting

Nataliia Nosyk, PEAR

Saturday November 4



$80, $65 mbrs.

Ukrainian artist Nataliia Nosyk teaches students to capture nature scenes quickly and effectively with important plein air techniques. Explore outdoor painting by creating small etudes, making composition sketches, and connecting with the natural world.

Nosyk is a Ukrainian-born artist, who settled in the United States after the start of the war in Ukraine. She paints in an impressionistic style and likes to explore the themes of light and shadow, reality and abstraction, simplicity of composition and layers of perception. She is inspired by sunlight, nature, and the happiness of life.

Nataliia studied painting at Dnipro State University in Ukraine and Saint Petersburg Academic Institute of Painting and Sculpture in Russia. Her art has been exhibited in Ukrainian art galleries, and she is now establishing herself as an artist in the United States. Her works have most recently been shown at a group exhibition in Greenwich, Connecticut. A few years ago, Nataliia created an online school, where she designs and teaches courses in drawing and painting.