Perspective in Short Fiction with AIR Josie Sigler

Perspective. It really is everything. How we see things affects how we live our lives, and in real life, most of us easily understand how to navigate time and distance. But what about when we’re writing? It’s not as easy. (And when it feels easy, that might be a reason to be suspicious!) Narrative perspective is one of the most powerful elements of fiction, and can make the difference between readers “getting” your story and missing your narrator entirely.

In this workshop, participants produce two versions of the opening of a short piece of fiction, one using the more familiar tools of the writer’s craft, and one that utilizes the subtler tools of narrative craft. On the first day, each participant presents a one-page opening of a short story they had prepared in advance. For the following day, each person commits to changing the perspective of their current piece.

Writers will leave the end of the second day with more control over their approach to narrative perspective – a skill that can not only save hours of revision, but can save a good story from ending up in the slush pile.

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Class Price:

$80/65 mbrs


Sat & Sun

Apr, 22 & 23

12:30 – 3PM


533 Eaton Street


Josie Sigler

The Studios of Key West