Painting Bootcamp with Rick Worth April

By most measures (including a 2014 Bubba award) Rick Worth is the most popular artist in Key West, and it’s no wonder; he’s hard working, funny, easygoing, and dripping with talent. Setting up his easel in our new home, Worth reprises his role as drill sergeant for another season. Each week, follow along step by step as Rick paints a different Key West scene and walk away with your own newly minted masterpiece. Never picked up a paintbrush? This class is for you!

Rick Worth is one of Key West’s most beloved artists. His scenes, depicting life in the keys, can be seen on canvases, vehicles, and buildings throughout the city.

All Supplies Included.  Class is available for 5 Tuesdays in December;  Afternoon Session 2-4:30pm or Evening Session 6-8:30pm.

Details & Links

Class Price:

$120/$100 Mbrs

Class Times:

Afternoons 2-4:30pm

Evenings 6-8:30pm


533 Eaton Street

The Studios of Key West