Painting Boats in Oil with Douglas David

$250 /$220 mbrs. (discounted price will display for members upon login)

Brand new Workshop!

This exciting and fun class will cover the basic principles of oil painting specifically with regard to painting boats.

After the basics are covered, students will start by painting some basic boats and move up to more complicated groupings of dinghies and sailboats throughout the next couple of days. For those who have studied with Douglas before, this overview of principles is always a good review, and no matter what the subject, these principles are key, and new discussions and tips are added each season.

Each day’s demo will include simple discussions on composition, massing, building form, light and shadow, near and far, capturing and developing atmospheric distance, and depending on your own style, knowing when a work is finished (learning how to not overwork your painting). Students will work in their own style/technique so that the finished work is their own. Douglas will overview his palette and concepts his work entails.

Please keep in mind that most or all of the supplies will be available in the art supply section of Books & Books @ The Studios. Students enrolled in this workshop will be offered a discount. 


Class supply list:

(these are not absolute, just my way of getting to a good result)


mineral spirits

Oils – Utrecht (order from Dick

Blick) Cad. Red Light, Aliz

Crim., Phthalo Blue, Phthalo

Green, Ultram. Blue, Ultram.

Violet, Lemon Yellow, Yellow

Green, Green Earth Hue, Sap

Green, Prussian Green, Yellow

Ochre, Ivory Black, large tube of

“Permalba” White

OPTIONAL Oils – Greenish

Umber Mixture, Burnt Sienna,

Jaune Brilliant No 2. Holbein

Ivory White, Cad Medium and Cad Red Dark

Paper Towels

disposable palette pad, palette knife

brushes- filberts- #2,4,6 maybe 8 or 10

rounds- in above sizes if you prefer round over filberts.

rounds- in really small like #0,1, or 2- to be able to put in some detail and sign

a few throw away bristle brushes from hardware store in 1″ and 2-2.5″ sizes

Canvases- Quantity 2-3 5″x7″

2-3 8″x10″

1-2 10″x20″ or 12″x16″ or 16″x20″ or 15″x30″ (or whatever size desired for larger

painting- returning students, be fearless, go larger!)

And anything else student needs to help them paint well and feel comfortable.

Please prime all canvas with a thin coat of thinned down Cad Red light and

Permalba white to make a pink or light red tone on canvas. (This can be done

first thing in class if needed).

Douglas has a “suitcase of supplies” he brings along, it includes some

recommended books,

Stay on top of things!

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