Paint Pouring

Sandy West

Saturday, April 6


Kat in the Hat Classroom

$90, $85 mbrs.

Enjoy a fun step-by-step lesson in a loose, unpredictable and satisfying medium. Acrylic paint pouring involves a bit of chemistry, as ratios and fluidity have a direct impact on the end result. Heavier paints sink as lighter ones come to the surface creating beautiful cells. It’s also an exciting and fun technique because you don’t know what the finished product will look like!

Sandy West carries a BFA in Commercial Art, which has allowed her to play with an expansive array of mediums. However, her innate style of illustration glimmers in all of her pieces. She is a long-time resident of the Florida Keys and has been sharing her love of art with others as an instructor at several venues in Key West, and as an artist through her own works depicting the tropical surroundings.

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