One Night Stand 5 – Recap and Images


Scroll down for images. (Courtesy Michael Blades)

Two sold out audiences packed The Studios of Key West last weekend for One Night Stand, the theatre project where dozens of creative people work together to create, rehearse, and perform brand new plays in just 24 hours.

At 7 pm on Friday night, the cast and crew came together at the Armory to launch the project. Writers received their instructions: they had until 6 am to write a short play using the common line, “Powerful you have become, the dark side I sense in you”. Each play was to be set in one of four specific locations: a haunted house, a disco, an amusement park, and in outer space, and each needed to feature a hand mirror prominently as a common prop. Fueled only by coffee, inspiration and adrenaline, writers worked furiously through the night to deliver their scripts in time for rehearsals the next morning.

With the clock ticking, dozens of people worked together to make the project come to fruition.

On Saturday morning at 8 am, actors, directors, and artists to picked up the creative baton.  Actors spent the whole day learning lines and getting into character, artists and volunteers created canvas backdrops for each of the new plays, and directors played ringmaster, working to keep focus and momentum throughout the day.

Saturday night, the curtain rose, and audiences were amazed to see what so many talented people were able to pull off in such an incredibly short time. With a little improvisation and a lot of laughs, the massive troupe punched out four short plays that left audiences rolling in the aisles!

The Plays:
“Frank Hates China” written by Michael Marrero and Chris Shultz, directed by Chad Henderson, set by Corryn Leigh Young, Actors: Mike Mongo, Connie Gilbert, Ashley Kamen and Brandon Beach

“Snuggie’s Land of Enchanted Dreams” by Leigh Pujado, directed by Richard Grusin. Set by Nellie Appleby and Marlene Koenig. Actors: Carolyn Cooper  Lisa Esposito, Wayne Dapser, and Janeen Gracer

Pink Champagne on Ice written by Mark Hedden, directed by Jackie O’Neil, set by Pam Hobbs, Maggie Ruley, and Jane Grannis. Actors: Ross Pipkin, Janet Whalen-Dunning, Kyle Caskey and Sarah Goodwin-Nguyen

An Incident Proposal” written by Jolly Benson, directed by Eddie Goldstein, set by Garth Holtkamp, Actors from left Paul Kaufmann, Liz Weinstock and Eric Bultman and Alicia Merel



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