On The Porch – Songs and Readings, April 17, 7pm

 Songs and Readings – On The Porch at TSKW

Contributed by Jessica Argyle.

Begun as an experiment, The Studios Key West’s (TSKW)’s Readings on the Porch at 610 White Street, have become an important addition to the visual art displays at the armory. These outdoor readings have a casual drop-in quality and stem organically out of the popular Walk-on-White, held every third Thursday from 6-9PM. Readings will begin at 7:00PM.

TSKW provides a window on the world of art around the country and, to some extent, internationally as well.

This month all four Artists in Residence (AIR’s) are writers. One, ellen cherry, is also a musician and shadow puppeteer.

The work is, of course, wildly diverse, ranging from a Tony Eprile tale set in South Africa, to Iowa Writer Workshop graduate, Sheila O’Connor, author of four novels and working on revising a fifth. O’Connor hopes to “approach (it) with fresh eyes, to have the kind of uninterrupted dream time a work like this requires.”

AIR’s enjoy the opportunity of a month long reprieve from the daily pressures of home, in TSKW’s purpose-built cottages on Ashe Street or at the TSKW Mango House.

Dreamlike was a term oft repeated when describing what it feels like to win a residency at TSKW; both a thrill and relief to an artist in the midst of a large scale work, like Tony Eprile’s 400 page novel-in-progress, or the work of Judith Schwartz, the only current AIR who has not had a residency within the past eighteen years. Schwartz’s best known work is “Cows Save the Planet.” Although well-known as a journalist, she is currently working on a novel. She also happens to be married to fellow AIR, Tony Eprile. As artists living and working in the same space, they are used to “living inside the work.”

Emmy nominated singer/songwriter, ellen cherry, will usher in the evenings readings with an original song, performed on the porch at 610 White Street, a stone’s throw from the Armory.

For cherry, coming to Key West is like “working in outer space without the space travel.” A travelling performer, cherry was hit by a drunk driver last year and “couldn’t play for four, five months.” She is “creating and recording new song demos from ideas that have been kicking around in my head for the past year or so.” She also plans to soak up the atmosphere, to “swim in the Atlantic to heal my little broken wing and getting some good Vitamin D through my skin and connecting with the local music scene here.”

Some books and recordings may be available for purchase but this is not about selling books, it’s about hearing and sharing words and music; sometimes for the first time.

AIR’s will be joined by TSKW Studio Artists, Jessica Argyle and Jonathan Woods.

 To learn more about the artists mentioned or other artistic happenings go to https://tskw.org

Jessica Argyle is the author of No Name Key, a novel, available May 2014.

Studio Artist Jonathan Woods is the author of Phone Call from Hell & Other Tales of the Damned, available April 2014.



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