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Unlimited monthly pass: $180, $90 Golden Ticket holders. (discounted price will display for patrons upon login)
Sold per flow style by the month: $75 ($45 for three Thursday sessions)

Limit 20 students (limit to 5 unlimited passholders)

Students will meet at Hugh’s View at 533 Eaton St.

Find out about our seating policy, weather policy and the Covid-19 precautions we’re taking.

photo of woman in dancer Yoga pose for Rooftop Yoga November 2021 classes with Lea Moeller


If you require financial assistance, we may be able to help. Learn more about our Scholarship Program here.


Class Description

Join Lea Moeller on the rooftop on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings for three different types of yoga practices. You can purchase an unlimited pass to attend as many as you’d like all month long, or by each individual session to target your favorite flow.

  • Core Flow – Increase balance, muscle tone and overall core strength with this 45-minute class. Breath work, classic Pilates exercises and basic Vinyasa poses are used to target the “powerhouse” of the body – the core! All levels are welcome with variations offered for each exercise. 
  • Vinyasa Fire Flow – Challenge yourself with this advanced vinyasa class that aims to strengthen the body, challenge your balance and get you in the “zone” of physical mediation. This class is upbeat and energizing with traditional vinyasa poses and a breath movement pace. Each class will end with a still meditation in savasana to quiet the mind and soak in the morning sun. This class welcomes all students but prior practice is encouraged. 

Meet Your Instructor

A certified mat Pilates instructor who loves to integrate breath work and a variety of core work into her classes, Lea Moeller’s classes are truly unique to her teaching style. She’s passionate about seeing her students progress with their practice and feel stronger with every session. Lea encourages her yoga students to try new things and enjoy the journey. Most importantly, each class incorporates a little laughter and light heartedness.

Gallery and box office hours

Tue-Sat, 12-4pm

Call us at 305-296-0458

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