Nantucket Baskets with Linda Brown

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Create a piece in the tradition of this historic craft.

Nantucket Lightship Baskets are distinctive handmade baskets originating over 150 years ago. They were first created by the crewmen of lightship vessels, as a way to pass the time at sea. The Nantucket Basket’s labor-intensive construction is characterized by several distinctive features. They are hand woven using rattan or cane onto wooden molds with wooden bases. The Nantucket handbags are decorated with carved or scrimshaw pieces.

While pregnant with her daughter, Trisha, Linda took her first basket weaving class in 1986 with Gladys Ellis, and she was immediately hooked. Linda saw in basketry an opportunity to expand Dave’s father’s business, and direct the company away from traditional scrimshaw, an industry which was taking on water in the 80s due to heavy restrictions on ivory and whalebone. As her family grew with the birth of her son, Tyler, and her second daughter, Brittany, Linda also refined her craft as a weaver and an educator. In 1995, Linda Brown started teaching basket weaving out of the Handicraft Club in Providence, where she continued to work for eighteen years.
Today, Linda specializes in teaching basketry to novices and advanced weavers alike. In addition to teaching, Linda is also a master at putting the finishing touches on partially completed baskets. She splits her time between Massachusetts and Florida, and when she isn’t teaching or weaving, she looks forward to spending time with her granddaughter, Payton, and grandsons, Brayden and Brantley, as well as the rest of her family.

All supplies and materials will be provided by The Studios of Key West.

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