Multiplicus by Gerry Stecca

Space 2 Gallery

Stecca’s clothespin sculptures, last seen in the Sculpture Garden, migrate indoors as a new series of complex woven structures that appear to have been grown more than built, reflecting the artist’s early studies in biology.

Born in Caracas (Venezuela), Stecca grew up in a scientific oriented environment; however, the artist gene runs in the family and eventually won over his other interests. Formal training began while attending San Diego Mesa College 1983-86 (CA), continuing concurrently with his studies of Biology (Genetics, Molecular Bio, Organic Chemistry, etc), eventually graduating with a B.A. in Visual Arts with a minor is Sciences from the University of California, San Diego in 1987.

Stecca now resides and works in Miami (Fl) from where he has collaborated with designers in various industries, creating murals, props and many other visual commissions in the USA, Canada, Spain and the Caribbean.

His time is divided between sculptural installation composed of thousands of Wood Clothespins and painting.

At this time, Gerry Stecca is an MFA candidate at the Savannah College of Art & Design (Class of 2014).

The Studios of Key West