MK Clapp – TSKW April Volunteer of the Month

Selecting the TSKW Volunteer of the Month has become as impossible as choosing only one color to paint with, we have 20 incredible volunteers and only 12 months of the year!”, says Martha Barnes, Program Manager.

This month’s special acknowledgement goes to the magical MK Clapp.

MK spends her season in Key West, leaving behind the mounds of snow and ice in Albany where she summers.

Trained and certified as a nurse practitioner, she brings her patient (PUN intended) skills to the Armory, and gracefully handles TSKW’s busy traffic of tourists and class participants.

Whether managing the concession for a concert, the front desk for registrations, or the clean up crew after a busy event, MK raises the bar with a high level of care and professionalism, and always with a wide comforting smile.

What a wonderful friend and asset we have found. Thank you MK!

The Studios of Key West