Mixed Media

Jean Pederson

Saturday & Sunday, March 9 & 10


Kat in the Hat Classroom

$270, $230 mbrs.

Internationally renowned artist Pederson returns to offer her accessible approach to art-making. Students will explore various combinations of mixed media with an emphasis on water-soluble paints and mediums. During the workshop, students develop a variety of surfaces and backgrounds grounds. These techniques can be applied to a variety of subject matter, to create a unique artistic statement. Pederson emphasizes design, personal style and beautiful surface quality using both abstract and referential subjects.

Jean Pederson is the author of “Expressive Portraits: Creative Methods for Painting People”. She has been painting for over twenty years, balancing her strong teaching abilities, and writing with her continuing aspiration to convey her ideas in visual form. Jean’s traditional practice includes referential imagery of people, still life, landscape and abstraction. The layering of a variety of media offers Jean an assortment of possibilities within her work; quality of edge, line and texture all play a role within her imagery. Although Pederson is well known for her mastery of watercolours, mixed media has become an important venue for her creative expression.

sponsored by Cocco & Salem Gallery