Mini Armory Leads Art Bikes Through the Streets!

Photo credits: Tom Swain

Thanks to everyone who helped make TSKW’s entry into the Fantasy Fest parade such a sight to behold!

Over 50 people paraded, strolled and rolled through Key West’s streets on October 30 to help TSKW debut the Key West Cruisers: Rolling on the Rock bikes.

Thanks to the artists who worked so hard to create such magnificent bikes, and thanks to the riders, friends, and madness monitors who helped keep the group wheeling along smoothly through the crowds.

Also thanks to studio artist Mark Hedden for heading up the crew that built the mini-Armory, and thanks to Bill Rowan, Richard Grusin and Pam Hobbs, who were so instrumental in the Armory’s construction.  Zoe Hawkins-Wells served as a wonderful muse sitting atop the rolling architectural wonder, and artist Rick Worth created the beautiful banner that announced the group.

And a very special thank you to Eric Anfinson, Margit Bisztray, and all the friends of Jennifer O’Lear who pitched in to helped paint her bike for the parade.

To learn more about the Rolling on the Rock project, check out this recent article in the Miami Herald.

You can see more of the images taken by Tom Swain during the parade at

The Studios of Key West