Memoir Boot Camp with Janice Gary

Find the key to unlocking your personal story in this 3-session workshop. Camp begins with “The Power of Truth, Memory and Being Your Own Source,” where you will learn the secrets of working with memory (or the lack of it) and creating the necessary distance and perspective to write life story. The following week, get down to brass tacks (and nails and planks) learning solid literary techniques that immediately enhance your writing in “Building a House Made of Memory.” Finally, unpack memoir’s “Narrative Arc” and explore ways to create structure for your story – be it a book, essay or series of vignettes.

For the full boot camp experience, all three workshops are recommended. However, you may join us for any one of these classes. There will be writing exercises and homework to get your memoir muscles moving (but no push-ups). Expect to come away with greater insight into your own story, material for a finished memoir or essay and an understanding of how to craft life into literature.

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Class Price:

$120/90 mbrs


3 Wednesdays in January

Jan 4, 11 & 18

6 – 8PM


533 Eaton Street


Janice Gary

The Studios of Key West