Maureen Tracy Venti

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Maureen Tracy Venti is a poet, photographer and publisher originally from the Berkshires in Massachusetts. She has a BA in English from UMASS Amherst, a M.Ed. in Research and Evaluation from Boston College, an MFA from Lesley University in Creative Writing, and a Certificate in Literary Publishing from Emerson College. A former Principal Software Consultant with Microsoft Corporation, she now lives in Key West, FL and Jackson, NH.

Maureen is an aficionado of poetography, the art of combining poetic lines with images to create a theme, a narrative, an epiphany. Maureen founded Stella Luca Press in 2010 with the notion that publishing is an art form too, one that adds a third dimension to works of literature and art. Her love of books and art in all its forms is the inspiration for Stella Luca Press.

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