Mantras and Mala Making

Karen Moore

Sunday, January 7


Heinen Design Lab

$158, $148 mbrs.

This fun and interactive workshop covers the history and uses of malas, touches on meditation and mantra practices, and gets your creativity flowing as you design and create your very own mala jewelry with gems from ZEN by Karen Moore.

Malas are traditionally known as prayer beads and are used in meditation in various cultures, but have gained popularity not only for use in yoga and meditation, but are also worn for adornment as jewelry. When worn, they serve as a physical reminder of your personal intentions & affirmations. Using for a daily meditation practice invites an even deeper connection to living a grounded, soulful life.

Karen is a free soul in search of true happiness and spiritual growth. As a jewelry designer, inspiration comes from the ocean, the earth and things truly organic. The raw elements of her work come together to create a simple, yet elegant, product that people can put on and experience. Not only does she handcraft custom creations, Karen takes pride in educating her clients about the powerful gem qualities that make ZEN jewelry unique and personal.