Lori Swartz

me bent to knees

Lori Swartz

April 2015 Artist in Residence


Painter, Writer, Performer and Metalworker

Santa Fe, NM

Workshop at The Studios: Expressing Place with Lori Swartrz

Lori Swartz wants a painting to have more power to snag the viewer than the viewer has the power to pass it by. There are many things created in this world to be the fastest, cheapest, biggest.  We are taught that there is value in canned, pre-packaged, foil-wrapped and zip-locked. There are too many plastic things marketed as originals. We all have stories to tell. Use my paintings as a prompt for your own story. Be present and see. Be curious.

Lori Swartz has one loyalty (art), with multiple expressions.  She began as a metal smith, making large steel sculpture in 1998, then changed scale and began to make jewelry. She has been painting the whole time. She is also a writer and a performer of circus arts (acrobatics, trapeze, aerial fabric and aerial chain). Working as a multi-media artist has allowed Lori to express herself in ways that are both private and public. Her paintings are currently shown in galleries across the United States.  She was the winner of the Astraea Foundation Poetry Grant.  She performs circus antics with “Chicks With Chainsaws.”