Life Aquatic

For more than a year, photographer Romi Burianova has spent a lot of time in the water, capturing stunning and stirring underwater portraits.

This May, The Studios of Key West is pleased to present Burianova’s first professional exhibition, Life Aquatic, in the Armory Main Hall. Composed of over two dozen of Romi’s skillfully captured underwater images, the photographer calls the intriguing project,”both a passion and a risk”.

As a professional photographer with years of experience, Burianova worked to fuse the vital elements of visual storytelling, combining a photographer’s practiced eye with technical skill and imagination. She explored the qualities and complexities inherent in underwater photography, and concerned herself with weightlessness, the refraction of light, and how the slow moving currents of water shaped and shifted the elements of our above-water world.

“Water is an uncontrollable element that I wanted to try to work with,” says Burianova. “Living in Key West has given me the opportunity to see different things: the beauty of sunshine viewed from underwater, and the ability to see the world for a just a few moments from different perspective. For me, these underwater images are an expression of my enthusiasm for life.”

In Life Aquatic, the viewer will travel to an underwater world, and will see everything from a hockey player striking the winning goal, to a clown descending into black watery black depths — from a man and woman caught in a passionate embrace, to the color-drenched girl catching a runaway bicycle who became the signature image for the 2012/13 TSKW brochure.

Life Aquatic will be on view from May 16-June 14, with a reception on Thursday, May 16, from 6-9pm.


The Studios of Key West