Key Eyes

Reception Feb 2, 6-8 pm

Key Eyes, in Space 2, focuses the lens on Key West, and takes a closer view of the scenes and surfaces of our island, photographed by Bill Luchsinger and Karen Strohbeen and presented in a variety of formats.

Luchsinger and Strohbeen are a married couple who live and make art most of the year in Iowa. They have had over 40 shows and exhibitions in a range of media — metal sculpture, painting, drawing, etching, lithography, and archival prints. Spending time in Key West for the last 23 years they have developed what they call “Key Eyes” which means the ability to look with a sense of humanity and spirit so uniquely Key West.

“The time we have spent visiting Key West has changed the way we see our own lives,” says Luchsinger. “The island is such a beautiful and decadent place, always.”

Luchsinger draws a parallel between Key West and the remote area where he and Strohbeen have a home in Iowa.

“We live on a dead end road, and it can be two weeks before a car passes our way,” continues Luchsinger. “Key West is a dead-end road, too, although obviously, a much larger one.”

The couple transforms the mundane objects and familiar images of the island into strikingly unique photos. Occasionally utilizing extreme closeups, they train the lens on mausoleums, control boxes for traffic lights, and handicap signs, to render the usual in very unusual ways. The show will include both large format and small “postcard” images, as well as several amalgams of images printed on 3 x 10 foot floorcloths.

On view in Space 2: Feb 2-14, 2012


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