Key West Citizen Profiles July Residency Artists

Four new resident artists on the island
The Studios’ program draws talent nationwide

BY ALEX PRESS Citizen Staff

Saturday, July 13, 2013
The Studios of Key West brings in talented artists, musicians and writers from across the nation with its residency program.

The nonprofit is headquartered in the historic Armory, at 600 White St., which was built in 1903.

It was designed to give local artists a place to work and then began formally inviting people from outside the community to stay for a month in its cottages.

Nearly every month, four artists are chosen to temporarily live in paradise. This month they are Jeffrey Vallance, Victoria Reynolds, Amy Chan and Laura van den Berg.






Resident artist Amy Chan, from Richmond, Va., is surrounded by her artwork Thursday at The Studios
of Key West compound on Ashe Street. Chan uses gouache, an opaque watercolor paint with a solid
matte finish. Photo Rob O’Neal. Courtesy The Citizen.

The Studios of Key West