John Martini’s World Populating TSKW


Sculptor John Martini, The Studios of Key West, and about a dozen local community members have joined forces to help us populate the Armory Sculpture Garden with a handful of wondrous new characters. The installation opens on Thursday 17 December, during the evening Walk on White reception, and features a dozen sculptural works by one of the island’s most respected and interesting public artists. To assemble this exhibit of his work, TSKW invited a diverse representation of the community to serve as curators. Each was required to visit Martini’s Bahama Village studio, peruse the dozens of figurative sculptures and outdoor works inside, select their favorite piece, and finally write a few words on why they chose that particular sculpture.

“John’s body of work is like a community in and of itself, with dancing figures, mythological beasts, curious faces, and chimerical figures that are whimsical more than they are threatening,” said Eric Holowacz, TSKW’s executive director and idea man. “We thought about how we might populate our garden with his figures, but really wanted to find a way to engage the whole community.”

Following the studio visits and selection process, this handpicked group of sculptures will be installed in the Armory garden in time for the December 17 Walk on White reception, when John Martini’s World will be revealed in the leafy and quiet confines outdoors at 600 White Street. Some of the participating community curators include Julio Barossa of Keys Energy Services, Dr Jerome Covington, interior designers Jan and George, museum curator Norman Aberle, Montessori educator Dawn Sieracki, and Margaritaville manager Megan Thierme.

“We’re truly excited about this new population of metal characters, bird creatures, primitive robots, and figures that could only come form from one of the island’s most gifted artists,” said Holowacz. “Everyone in our community is invited to the garden, and a temporary creative environment.”

The outdoor exhibition will be on view at The Studios of Key West through mid-February, and is free and open to the public during business and event hours. John Martini’s World is sponsored by Nine One Five Restaurant, and the TSKW Sculpture Garden is generously funded by Sandra and Lee McMannis and Family.

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Dr. Jerome Covington, one of the dozen community curators of John Martini’s World, an exhibition of curious and wondrous figurative sculpture at the Historic Armory Sculpture Garden, on view through mid February. Each work was chosen by a different community member, from the extensive work in John Martini’s Bahama Village studio.

The Studios of Key West