Intuitive Painting

B. Lucy Stevens

painted brushstrokes in bright colors and abstract pattern

Sunday, December 10


Kat in the Hat Classroom

$90, $75 mbrs.

A supportive environment and thoughtful instruction will allow you to focus on your intuitive, creative spirit in an approach to painting that is enjoyable and non-judgmental.

Class activities include action painting, automatic drawing, blind contour drawing, fast sketches, group art games, painting to music, self-portraits, etc. We’ll experiment with all kinds of mediums, too — paints, pencils, pastels, mono-type printing, crayons and collage, and whatever else we can think of. No experience necessary. The only requirement is curiosity and a desire to explore your creative spirit.

B. Lucy Stevens is an internationally recognized mixed media artist and transplant to Key West. Lucy paints intuitively and her work is vibrant and expressionistic, daily life imagined in a brilliant cacophony of color and pattern with deeply affecting results. She is inspired by everything around her, primitive and Outsider art, and her far-flung travels. Her work has been featured in galleries and shows throughout the U.S. as well as in Europe, and her paintings are in private collections around the world.