Intuitive Painting with B. Lucy Stevens

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Students will meet in the third floor Kat in the Hat Classroom, 533 Eaton Street

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painted brushstrokes in bright colors and abstract pattern


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Class Description

A playful way to investigate your own creativity. We’re all born creative, but as we grow older many of us forget this about ourselves. Remember finger painting, when you created something for the sheer joy of it, not because you were trying to make “good” art? This workshop will help you reawaken the creative spirit you had as a child. in a no-pressure, non-judgmental environment, Lucy will guide you through a series of playful painting and drawing exercises, designed to access and develop your creativity and imagination.

Class activities include action painting, automatic drawing, blind contour drawing, fast sketches, group art games, painting to music, self-portraits, etc. We’ll experiment with all kinds of mediums, too — paints, pencils, pastels, mono-type printing, crayons and collage, and whatever else we can think of. No experience necessary. The only requirement is curiosity and a desire to explore your creative spirit.

Meet Your Instructor

B. Lucy Stevens is an internationally recognized mixed media artist and a recent transplant to Key West. Lucy paints intuitively and her work is vibrant and expressionistic, daily life imagined in a brilliant cacophony of color and pattern with deeply affecting results. She is inspired by everything around her, primitive and Outsider art, and her far-flung travels, from South America to Indonesia to the South of France, where she lived for a year on a flower farm, and Key West, which she fell in love with as an artist-in-residence at The Studios five years ago. Her work has been featured in galleries and shows throughout the U.S. as well as in Europe, and her paintings are in private collections around the world

Supply List

  • 2 canvases – 9 x 12″ or larger. (If larger, bring bigger brushes)
  • Acrylic paints– as many colors as possible!
  • Any assortment of oil pastels, crayons, colored pencils, etc.
  • Knife, chopstick, potato peeler… any tool you can use to scrape into paint
  • Paper towels
  • Brushes that aren’t too teeny

The Studios will provide some paint and brushes. Wear something you won’t mind getting paint on. We’re going to get messy!

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