Humor in Fiction with Parini Shroff

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Serious topics need a counterweight. Learn to balance both in your writing.

During this workshop, students will analyze how these authors do it: how they make us laugh and then cry a page later. Humor allows us to invest in characters. At the risk of sounding manipulative, it sometimes even forces us to invest in them. Well-dosed humor conveys character relationships quickly; it is an opportunity to execute that old apothegm: show, don’t tell.

Displaying how characters interact with each other not only invites the reader into the story, it makes the reader want to RSVP ‘yes.’

Parini Shroff

Parini Shroff recently graduated from the University of Southern California, where she studied literature and creative writing. She enjoys reading, dancing, laughing, doing jigsaw puzzles, and watching the rain. Her weaknesses include nonsensical Hindi films and pani puri. Currently focused on composing short stories, she hopes to gather enough courage to attempt a novel one day.

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