How to Draw Accurately

An Introduction to Academic Drawing

Samuel Alvarez

Thursday & Friday, April 18 & 19


Kat in the Hat Classroom

$185, $170 mbrs.

Learn a structured method and approach to drawing with more confidence! Alvarez leads a workshop for beginners to advance students, focusing on academic techniques designed to help with the development of more precise drawing skills. By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained a solid understanding of drawing principles and essential techniques for achieving accuracy in their drawing practice. Hands-on exercises and demonstrations help practice sight-size and comparative techniques, with instructor feedback to gain a better insight. Whether drawing as a hobby or aspiring to further their artistic pursuits, students will leave equipped with new and valuable skills for their journey in the art world.

Samuel Alvarez (b. 1997) has always had a passion for art and when he went on a trip to London he discovered the paintings of John Waterhouse and Arthur Hacker, painters who blended the fine arts with illustrative storytelling. He then decided to study classical painting at the Barcelona Academy of Art where he learned the techniques and methods of the old masters. After finishing the academy, Samuel has divided his time between the Keys and Europe, studying and developing his vision of reality, merging illustration, figure and landscape into one.