High Road by Bill Wood Installation/Reception


Through Mid-March

As a tribute to the Flagler Railroad, sculptor Bill Wood will install High Road, fiberglass and steel construction (160″ x 42″ x 90″), in the Armory garden in late-January.

Bill Wood on his inspiration for creating High Road…

“High Road is a result of the hours spent with one of my favorite landmarks of the Keys.

The first time I was involved in Sculpture Key West, I drove down from Virginia to Key West with a friend straight through.

As we got onto the Keys as it was beginning to get light, and it was my turn to drive. When I crossed over Bahia Honda,  I saw the remnants of the Flagler Railroad with the collapsing highway above it.

I kept thinking about that bridge – and whenever I’d go back by I’d park at the bridge and look at it for a while.

It struck me that it’s so typical of the Keys – taking something and reusing it like that.

Then, a couple of years ago I started doing road pieces – (one is showing currently in the National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition in North Charleston.)

After a while, I got this idea for High Road. I don’t know, I guess I’ve just been on the highway too long…”

Sponsored by Saunders & Kolpin

*Guests are invited to stay for the free 6 pm lecture by Seth H. Bramson, author of Speedway to Sunshine in the Armory Main Hall

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