Ground Breaking: Water Media with Jean Pederson

Pederson is an internationally acclaimed instructor and the author of “Expressive Portraits: Creative Methods for Painting People”. In this three-day intensive, students develop a variety of surfaces, or grounds, using combinations of mixed media with an emphasis on water-soluble paints and mediums. Emphasis is placed on design and personal style.

Short for ‘background’ the term ’ground’ refers to the first layers of paint or mixed media applied to your support medium. The rich surface quality achieved in your grounds provide rich surfaces to develop into finished paintings. These techniques can be applied to a variety of subject matter, styles and surfaces to create your own unique artistic statement and develop a knowledge base for how the paints and mediums can be used. Emphasis is placed on design and personal style. Pederson helps students concentrate on the development of beautiful surface quality and the best use of abstract and referential subjects.

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Class Price:

$325/290 mbrs


Wed – Fri

Feb 22, 3 – 7PM

Feb 23, 9AM- 4PM

Feb 24, 9AM – 4PM


533 Eaton Street


Jean Pederson