Getting Started with Your Novel with Hays Blinckmann

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Students will meet in the third floor Heinen Design Lab, 533 Eaton Street

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Class Description

Have you ever asked yourself: How to get from pages 1 to 300? How many words are in a novella versus a novel? Have you narrowed the style of your book? What is your character’s agency and POV? What is the DNA of your writing? What is your inner critic telling you when you write? What are your writing habits? What writers influence you? What is your purpose in writing a book? Who is your audience? Are you ready to edit and rework your draft with outside help? How does ego play into your work? And lastly, what do you want to happen when you finish? What is your goal? This course is intended to focus and motivate writers whether you have a novel in mind, halfway done, or completed. It’s about getting to work, finding help, and getting your book done.

Meet Your Instructor

Hays Blinckmann is an author, journalist, and artist who has been living in Key West for two decades. She is known for her fine arts career as well as being a journalist with The Keys Weekly. Her novels, In The Salt and Where I Can Breathe, have garnered widespread attention and popularity amongst her readership. Her books and short stories are an invitation for people to enjoy dysfunctional families at their finest.

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