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Exhibitions Circle

Supporting The Studios’ goal of an exhibitions program featuring nationally significant artists.

Gifts this year used for: The Studios’ 2024 exhibition season. Funds typically pay for shipping costs, or supplemental materials such as a professional catalog.

Giving Circles support ongoing initiatives and priorities of The Studios that rely on a bit of extra help to succeed. Specific goals and projects for each Circle are established annually.

Past Programs Supported by the Exhibitions Circle include:

St. Croix Carnival by David Berg
St. Criox native has explored carnival traditions his entire life: first as child soaking up the annual Christmas-season festival, then training to be a Moko Jumbie – one of the carnival’s dramatic, athletic high-stilt walkers – and finally as a photographer and historian, documenting the Moko Jumbies and other festival traditions.

Sea Level Stories by Jane Lawton Baldridge
Baldridge focuses on using the power of art to bring awareness to the mounting threats of flooding and sea level rise with the goal of inspiring our community to unify in solving these issues through large abstract seascape paintings that portray different sea states.

Painting/Place by Judith Murray and Robert Yasuda

For over fifty years, Judith Murray and Robert Yasuda have been highly respected proponents of abstract painting in New York, throughout the United States, and internationally. Since the early 1970s they spend part of the year in the fabled neighborhood of SoHo New York and the rest of the time since 1980 in the Florida Keys, its ambience the inspiration for much of their work.

“Currents” by Judith Murray

“Backcountry” by Robert Yasuda