Fresh Landscapes with Kevin Bell

Join our November Artist in Residence to explore the possibilities of new landscapes and perspectives.

Landscape is one of the most thoroughly explored subjects by artists. Over the centuries, it has developed certain conventions, both in terms of style and content that makes it almost too familiar or cliché. This workshop is designed to help artists discover new and fresh ways of knowing landscape. These may include experimental processes as well as unexpected compositions or subject matter. Primary means of exploration would be through painting and/or drawing.

The workshop will begin with a lecture documenting historical conventions in two-dimensional landscape art, followed by examples of how contemporary artist seek to expand the paradigm.  Students will complete two assignments: 1. Work to find new and unexpected subjects and points of view, trying to find less considered, but conceptually compelling perspectives. 2. Make a composition that represents a place, without employing conventional representation.

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533 Eaton Street

The Studios of Key West